The Japanese word Aikido can be translated roughly as the path or way (Do) of harmonizing or blending (Ai) the energy or spiri t (Ki). So, Aikido is the way of harmonizing energy.

Aikido is learned through techniques, yet it is not about techniques. Through the practice of techniques, principles are learned. These principles, integrated first in the body and then the mind of the Aikidoka, offer unlimited opt ions to deal with aggression and violence in any form and whenever
it occurs whether that be the practice hall, the street, the work place, the home, or from within the self. One doesn’ t need to use words to convey and integrate these princi ples. Aikido teaches us most clearly through the actual physical practice.

Aikido is not a way to fight with or defeat enemies; it is a way to reconcile the world and m ake all human beings one family. At the core of almost all ph ilosophical interpretations of Aikido, we may identify at least two fundamental threads: (1) A commitment to peaceful resolution of conflict whenever possible. (2) A commitment to self-improvement through Aikido training.