We encourage our members to visit other Aikido studios and practice. You do not need approval, but there are several things you should keep in mind. You do not need many months of practice to travel to another Aikido studio to practice, as long as you can keep up with the warm-ups and the teacher at that studio does not mind, you should be able to practice there.

We generally think that our members should be at the 6’th kyu level or have several months practice before attending a seminar at another studio. At some studios you might be asked to wear a white belt. If you ever leave our studio and start practicing at another studio, do not expect to retain your rank. Many studios will honor the lower kyu ranks but will want you to practice for several months first. It is generally considered a rule that you would wear a white belt on your first night and until your rank is honored or you test for that rank or another rank. Remember that you will be judged first and foremost on your etiquette; that is your first impression. When visiting another studio practice the techniques their way . You do not want to visit with the idea that our ways are correct. Try to learn their variations and bring these back to us. You can receive one hour of credit for each new technique, variation, story, or a technique that is new to you that you bring back. To receive this credit you must present these ideas to a class when one of the black belts are teaching. You should not bring back an attitude that they are doing things correct and we are wrong. If you plan to visit another Aikido studio you might want to talk to a hakama level member first for suggestions on how to get the most out of the other studio for your level. How to address the teacher – Please refer to the etiquette section.