The Art Of Peace

What is Aikido:

Aikido stresses a nonviolent, noncompetitive alternative to traditional fighting techniques. It is effective, realistic, and adaptable. Students discover that Aikido nurtures the development of a calm mind, a coordinated body, and an enhanced sense of self esteem. The basic techniques may be picked up in a short time, but the principles behind the techniques can sustain years of interesting study. An Aikidoka’s practice continually grows more fluid, subtle,
and powerful.


Our school:

Our dojo is located in the beautiful city of Loveland at 530 N. Jefferson. The dojo provides comfortable space for martial art practice within easy reach from several nearby cities such as Fort Collins, Estes Park, and Greeley.

We welcome new practitioners of any age, gender, or level of fitness. Watch a practice, join us for a free introductory class, or contact us in advance with any questions. We would like to see you walk the path of the Art of Peace with us.

As we are unaffiliated with a larger Aikido organization, we foster an open culture that stimulates an influx of ideas from the variety of Aikido styles and schools that our members have come in contact with. Over the years, our dojo has benefited and developed from the input of gifted teachers from other dojos near and far.


Upcoming Events:

Martial Arts Fitness:
Every Third Friday of the month, Starts at 6:30 PM, (anyone from any discipline is welcome).


More Information:

There is a lot of information on this site about Aikido in general and our school in particular. You may wish to begin at the“ABOUT-AIKIDO-TAB”or“DOJO-TAB”above to answer some of your Questions.